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Below is the basic FAQs of TITAN multi purpose rack fan. If there are no answers you want, please feel free to let us know.

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    The major function of fan bearing is to make fan blades operated fluently. The purpose of fan bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support axial loads. The fan bearing is the most critical factor in fan lifetime and fan performance. Without fan bearing, a cooling fan cannot work. When choosing a cooling fan, it considers not only airflow and static pressure but also the reliability of fan itself. It determines if a cooling fan can run consistently many years. The fan bearing is the critical role of fan.
    TITAN have three major bearing types: Sleeve bearing, Z-AXIS bearing, and Ball bearing. All the cooling fan depends on various need, lifetime, and characteristics to determine bearing choice.Sleeve Bearing: 25°C, lifetime- 25,000 hours Two Ball Bearing: 25°C, Lifetime- 50,000 hours Z-AXIS Bearing: 25°C, Lifetime- 60,000 hours
    There are three critical cooling fan components: IC, Bearing, and Fan blades.Fan bearing defines the lifetime of the cooling fan. According to different bearing types and environment temperature, there is also little difference in a fan lifetime. Following is references:Sleeve Bearing: 25°C, lifetime- 25,000 Hours Z-AXIS Bearing: 25°C, Lifetime- 60,000 Hours Ball Bearing: 25°C, Lifetime- 50,000 Hours
    You can choose by working environment and fan characteristics.(1) Fan environment temperature is higher than 40°C, we would suggest Ball Bearing cooling fan. (2) Fan environment temperature is between 25 °C - and needs to a longer fan lifetime, we would suggest you choose Z-AXIS bearing cooling fan. (3) If you have cost consideration and workplace temperature is also between 25-40°C, we would suggest you choose Sleeve bearing cooling fan.If you have further consideration and particular need, please directly contact us. We will give you recommend.
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