Cooling Fan

Mounting Rack Ventilation Cooling Fan

Mounting Rack Ventilation Cooling Fan

Top sale products! Popular DIY fan on updating ventilation in any places. Great for refrigerator vent fan in motorhome/caravan or ventilation fan in home theater cabinet, audio/viedo cabinet, home server cabinet.

Motorhome Roof Window fan

Motorhome Roof Window fan

Multi-Purpose roof window double fan is equipped with TITAN exclusive 9-blades silent fan and the function of reversible airflow to ventilate and cool various spaces such as motorhome, travel truck, houses, cabinets, and so on.


TITAN 's Cooling Fan

TITAN Technology Limited is a cooling fan and computer cooler manufacturer from Taiwan, in versatile cooling fan and computer cooler products manufacturing and developing market. They have been offering customers innovative cooling products including computer cooler, cooling fan, mobile cooling, CPU cooler, DC fan, PC cooling kits, laptop cooling pads, power inverter since 1989.

With more than 27 years experience, TITAN focus on manufacturing and developing versatile cooling fan and computer cooler products to provide the best thermal cooling resolution.

With CE, TUV, UL, and ISO certified Cooling Fan, TITAN is sure to meet every customer's demands.

Cooling Fan

There are various professional types of cooling fans depends on different needs such as DC fan, Waterproof / Dustproof fan, LED fan, EC fan, and high static pressure fan etc.

TITAN provides versatile cooling fan products for customers.
TITAN provides versatile cooling fan products for customers.


With latest thermal cooling technology and exclusive bearing and fan technics, TITAN manufactured and designed various professional cooling fan depends on different needs. Take example, there are DC cooling fan, waterproof cooling fan, EC cooling fan and USB mobile cooling fan etc. All TITAN cooling fans have characteristics: Silent and strong airflow. Provide you a high quality cooling experience anytime.


  • Computer Cooling
  • Industrial Engineering Cooling
  • Engine Cooling
  • Medical Equipment Cooling
  • Server & Storage Cooling
  • Power Supply Cooling
  • Office Equipment Cooling
  • Telecommunication Equipment Cooling Fan
  • Refrigeration Cooling
  • Outdoor Cooling
  • Commercial Kitchen Cooling
  • DC Fan - DC Cooling Fan
    DC Fan
    DC cooling fan offers versatile fan size, fan speed, and voltage to customize your demands.

    TITAN produced various professional and DC cooling Fan for customers. DC Cooling fan features stability, super silent, and well heat dissipation.DC fan is one of the best tool available to make your electronic devices performing at excellent operation shape.TITAN professional cooling fan produced top DC cooling fan, all the fans have great cooling performance and widely application in any fields. We provide various speed rate and voltage to meet all your requirements.

  • Special Fan - Special cooling fan for versatile cooling demands such as waterproof fan, power saving fan, extreme silent fan, high static airflow fan.
    Special Fan
    Special cooling fan for versatile cooling demands such as waterproof fan, power saving fan, extreme silent fan, high static airflow fan.

    For server cooling, industrial high static cooling, waterproof cooling, camping cooling, and other special cooling demands, TITAN provides versatile professional cooling fan. These series feature power saving, advanced silent fan and strong gathering airflow in order to improve the efficiency and stabilize devices.

  • System Blower Fan - System blower cooling silent fan has high-pressure airflow and generate powerful cooling effects.
    System Blower Fan
    System blower can generate powerful airflow and provide silent operation as well.

    Blower fan blows out the air by rotating the winnower. The blower system fan generates the centrifugal force in order to reduce the interruption of the wind and increase the air pressure.System blower fan generates powerful cooling effects in limited space because the suction is strong and steady at the inlet. The blower fan can be widely used in mobile devices, computing, internet, and consumer electronics such as VGA card, hardware, chipset, desktop computer, exhaust hood and vacuum.

  • Waterproof Fan - Waterproof and Dustproof Cooling Fan
    Waterproof Fan
    IP55 waterproof and dustproof cooling fan.

    IP55 waterproof and dustproof fan.TITAN waterproof and dustproof cooling fans enhance the cooling performance with waterproof and dustproof function, so that the fan could be suitable for humid and dust-exist bad environment, not limited in general working environment. TITAN IP55 waterproof fan generates outstanding high airflow and reaches high cooling performance under low noise operating. Two ball bearing type is also suitable for high-temperature operating with long lifetime. Great for plenty of commercial working enviorments such as commercial kitchen, factory, and so on.

  • USB Fan - USB Cooling Fan
    USB Fan
    USB cooling fan features with easy cooling operation and wide application such as office, outdoor, and household.

    TITAN Protable USB cooling han is highly convenience. The fan with 5V USB connector which is suitable for office, household, or outdoor activities. The USB fan is efficient in cooling your devices such as router, set top box, smart phone, tablet, game console etc. Accurately bring the cool air to the heat spot in anywhere you want optimizes the cooling effects.

  • Mobile Cooling Fan - Mobile cooling fan design with the concept of "Cooling Anywhere".
    Mobile Cooling Fan
    TITAN launches mobile cooling fan for phone cooling, tablet cooling, outdoor cooling and many other cooling.

    Cooling Anywhere!Have you ever felt heating around you? Have you ever desired away from heating air?Did you think your phone, iPad, and laptop are heating up? Did you annoy heating touch while playing pokemon go or watching drama?Then, this is what you need!TITAN creates a series mobile cooling fan depends on life cooling demands such as phone cooling, tablet cooling, pet cooling, office cooling, and outdoor cooling etc. It takes USB interface and 5V power to easy operate and create simple and elegant life stylish.

  • LED / Transparent Fan - LED & Transparent Cooling Fan
    LED / Transparent Fan
    LED & transparent cooling silent fan with more powerful airflow and heat dissipation.

    This series feature new combination of LED and fiber optic producing colorful halo effects, advanced fan design, excellent cooling performance by gathering the airflow and quiet fan with transparent or metal fan frame. TITAN expects you to enjoy a brand-new cooling experience and thermal solution with less noise.

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