TITAN Technology Limited

TITAN focus on manufacturing and developing versatile cooling fan and computer cooler products to provide the best thermal cooling resolution.


TITAN Prodouct Application Introduction

TITAN's comprehensive product application introduction highlights the diverse uses of our cutting-edge cooling solutions across various industries. From enhancing ventilation in RVs and campers to optimizing cooling systems in high-performance computers and servers, our products are tailored to meet the unique demands of different environments. Moreover, our cooling solutions are integrated seamlessly into a range of electronic devices and appliances, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and prolonged product lifespan.

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RV Ventilation Fan in VW California Series

TITAN RV ventilation fan is suitable for VW California series. Volkswagen’s campervan is an ideal and easy travel way. TITAN VW California ventilation...

Machinery / Industrial Equipment Cooling Fan Application

Machinery equipment has plenty of types such as industrial equipment for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, Telecommunicated equipment, medical...

Medical & Health Care Equipment Cooling Fan Application

With the professional team of designers and engineers at TITAN Technologies, you can be sure that we constantly upgrade our cooling technology and design...

Outdoor RV Camping Cooling Fan Application

Power and ventilation is an important issue of outdoor and camping life. Whatever you do, you need electrics for all devices. Wherever you are, there needs...

Vehicle / Car / Automotive Cooling fan Application

Car / Automotive/ Vehicles heating and ventilation is always an important issue for all drivers, passengers, and even for vehicle itself. General vehicles...

Cooling Fan & Ventilation Fan for Office Equuipment

TITAN offers a wide selection of cooling and ventilation solutions for home electronics. Today's home electronics contain a great number of thermal components...

Leisure Life Cooling Series

TITAN is committed to providing high-quality cooling solutions in all aspects of life and leisure. We have designed a series of cooling fans and radiators...

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CE, TUV and UL Certified RV Fans & PC Cooling Fans Manufacturer | TITAN Technology Limited

Located in Taiwan since 1989, TITAN Technology Limited has been a cooling fans & computer cooler products manufacturer. Their main pc cooling fans, including computer coolers, cooling fans, phone coolers, CPU coolers, DC fans, PC cooling kits, laptop cooling pads and power inverters, which are CE, TUV, and UL safety certified, and the factory has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Founded in 1989, TITAN is an outstanding leader in thermal field, with a passion and elite team of engineers. Located in Taiwan and established a branch office in Germany. TITAN has great amounts of distributors in versatile area of the global. Our products seen all over the world and earning glorious reputation and trust. We expanded amounts of producing lines to fit various demands as well as built the manufacturing factory in Guang Dong, China, which has 460 employees and monthly producing over 1.2 million units at least basis. With over 27 years of experience, TITAN has produced various types of cooling products, such as PC cooler, cooling fan, and mobile cooling, giving our customers a wide and high value selection of choices. With more than 27 years experience, TITAN focus on manufacturing and developing versatile cooling fan and computer cooler products to provide the best thermal cooling resolution.

TITAN has been offering customers high-quality RV fans and CPU coolers, both with advanced technology and 27 years of experience, TITAN ensures each customer's demands are met.