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Below is the basic FAQs of TITAN multi purpose rack fan. If there are no answers you want, please feel free to let us know.

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    The general RV fridge work called absorption refrigerator. The absorption refrigerator uses a chemical reaction with ammonia and hydrogen gas induced with heat and it. The RV fridge works by using the heat to send the fluids (ammonia, hydrogen gas) through various tubes and it has zero moving parts only uses gravity to pull chemical down. The evaporation and condensation it comes down through these tubes and it creates the cool inside the fridge or rather absorbs the heat out of the fridge.
    Improvinng the RV fridge efficient is an important issue to all RV owers and designer. There are some points to make the improvement of the RV fridge.
    First, you have to get up on the roof of your RV with RV ladder on the back or a regular house ladder. And then, follow the instructions of installation. You could kindly check below the YouTube video of installation introduction.
    The common RV fridge has two ventilation side vents, upper and bottom. The correct mounted way is that bottom RV side vent mounts the fan to push fresh air in, and RV upper side vent near the top mounts the fan to exhaust the heat out. The way of installation complies with the air circulation rules: hot air rises and cold air sinks. It is the key to quickly boost the air circulation of the RV fridge. You are based on to the need to mount them.
    No. Please do not attempt to revise the polarity. It would not change airflow by revising the polarity. It will only cause permanent damage to the fan controller.
    Generally, there are two brands of RV side ventilation grille. One is DOMETIC and another is NORCOLDE vent. Below is the model of RV side fridge vent, and you can check and choose the correct size to be mounted TITAN RV fan.
    Yes. TITAN RV fan series are designed to help cool down the RV refrigerator, and we advise to be installed on close to evaporator of the refrigerator to improve ventilation. But the temperature of fridge cooling fins would not be over 70℃. Please carefully notice the surrounding temperature. There is a probe to detect the temperature of the environment near the evaporator of the refrigerator. We suggest to place the sensor in about 1 inch freely suspended to the evaporator because there is the warmest area.
    Yes. TITAN RV fan series has the product to be designed to the outside fridge vents. We could also customize unique RV fan for your need. You can install the TITAN RV fan in both lower and upper ventilation vents. The correct mounted way is that bottom RV side vent mounts the fan to push fresh air in, and RV upper side vent near the top mounts the fan to exhaust the heat out. The way of installation complies with the air circulation rules: hot air rises and cold air sinks. It is the key to quickly boost the air circulation of the RV fridge.
    There are various places with the need of ventilation such as RV fridge, RV window, Bathroom& Toilet, and kitchen. According to the need of RV ventilation, TITAN designs a series cooling fan solution to RV design, RV customer. You could check the information in other page.
    Yes. You just have to place it in vent area after taking off the cover and modify how you would/will secure it. It is very easy and does help. But you might have to lengthen the wires. We have a video which the fan is be mounted to the roof vent. You can make it as reference.
    There are two nacked wires, a red (positive polarity) and black wire (negative polarity) that leads from the control panel of the fan. Connected those to the 12V power supply and hook those wires to the same polarity source (positive to positive/ negative to negative).
    TITAN Multi-purpose rack fan series is designed to DIY mounted. You can depend on the function you want to choose such as timer setting, waterproof function, reversible airflow function, etc. They can be installed on fridge vent, top roof vent, cabinet, table, side window as so on. Below is the differences chart for all series to refer.There also is some introduction video from YouTuber. You can make it as references.
    Fan speed varies from 45F to 113F, it is supposed to shut off below 45F but in reality neither one of mine ever shut off even down to freezing, they do reach maximum speed by 113F and above.
    Hello, owing to this product is DC fan, the amperage of the fan is low. I can offer you the rated current. of the fans. Please see below. Hope it is clear for you. Thank you.TTC-SC09(A) 90mm is 0.48 A. TTC-SC09(B) 120mm is 0.56 A. TTC-SC09(C) 140mm is 0.8 A. Maximum Output Current of the speed controller is 1A.
    Please kindly check below instrucitons, and notice the voltages, wires, speed controller, and fan itself before installation.
    Owing to the probe is to detect outside air temperature, we suggest you could place the sensor near about an inch from the highest of heating rising. But you may research the heat of your place to ensure the proper placement.
    Yes. The “Y” harness combines the two fans power leads. Nevertheless, please kindly notice that the fan cable need to connect with our speed controller and do not connect with others, or both of them would not work. The fan splitter cable is specially designed to compatible with the speed controller.
    Please follow the below illustration to DIY the wire. Please notice all the voltage is 12V. Do not attempt to use other voltage.
    The speed controller can be mounted on any places. But we suggest you should place it from outside of vent, so that you can easily control and switch them according to different needs There are two ways to install the controller. You can drill a small hole and thread the wires through. Or you can attach the sticker on the wall.
    No. The fan speed would not increase the fan speed by connect over the power over 12 voltages. If you connect over 12 voltages, the fan may cause permanent damage.
    Please follow the bellow instruction to make a self-trobleshoopting. If there are still problems with the fan or speed controller, please kinldy contact us. We would assist you as fast as we could.
    No. The fan is not required to be installed battery. It has the power connector of 12 Volts.
    Question Match Product: All RV fan seriesHello, below is the differences for all TITAN Multi-Purpose Rack fan, you can refer it.
    VW California series is a great option and become a symbol for campers. TITAN fan could be installed on the following area to increase the circulation and ventilation on Volkswagen California van, there are van screen, side window, and rooftop tent area.
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