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TITAN Prodouct Application Introduction

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  • RV Ventilation fan in VW California Series

    TITAN RV ventilation fan is suitable for VW California series. Volkswagen’s campervan is an ideal and easy travel way. TITAN VW California ventilation fan would help you to improve ventilation of your campervan. Whatever using a vent fan inside VW California, TITAN professional team is capability of creating all functions and design the VW California ventilation fan you want.

  • Machinery / Industrial Equipment Cooling Fan Application

    Machinery equipment has plenty of types such as industrial equipment for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, Telecommunicated equipment, medical equipment, and so on.Every machinery equipment generates heat as operating, and the heat transfer by three methods: conduction, convection, and radiation to lower itself temperature and maintain stability and reliable of machinery system.Components used in automated equipment, machinery equipment must work precisely and smoothly to meet the standards of operating process for fear of overheating to damage equipment. Therefore, a great designed DC cooling fan would be an important role of machinery. TITAN manufactures and designs various high quality cooling fans to make a solution for machinery thermal problem.TITAN cooling fans provide a variety of DC cooling fans for particular need such as high static pressure fan, strong airflow fan, high speed rated fan, high temperature fan, automatically temperature controlled fan, whisper-quite fan, reversible air direction fan or IP 55 waterproof and dustproof fan. TITAN DC fan delivers greater quality, techniques, and designs to meet the unique challenges of machine tool cooling & ventilation issues and maintain all equipment work normally and efficiently, enhancing lifetime of machinery.

  • Medical & Health Care Equipment Cooling Fan Application

    With the professional team of designers and engineers at TITAN Technologies, you can be sure that we constantly upgrade our cooling technology and design to bring you exceptional ventilation cooling fan. TITAN DC fan could help you keep your medical equipment running efficiently and smoothly, and prevent it from overheating and becoming damaged.

  • Outdoor RV Camping Cooling fan Application

    Power and ventilation is an important issue of outdoor and camping life. Whatever you do, you need electrics for all devices. Wherever you are, there needs ventilation to get fresh air for a comfortable environment. Vehicles (RV, motorhome, van camper truck, etc.) are not usually complete airtight so it will only get some natural airflow coming in. If you want more air intake, you needs to additionally mount and install other devices. Sometimes, there are few related ventilation product for camping field particular needs such as fridge heat ventilation. Therefore, TITAN designs and manufactures a series solution products for both ventilation and power-saving to make all camper can be more comfort and convenient outside for RV camping life.According to different needs, TITAN design refrigerator vent fan with controller, DIY mounted double fan with controller for inside RV or motorhome fridge, window mounted fan with reversible airflow direction, toilet ventilation fan, side window ventilation fan and so on. Most of the fans focus on outdoor application features, it has the characteristics of “Power Saving, Silent Operation, and All-weather acceptable”. Taking IP55 waterproof fan technology, the fans greatly fit on outdoor use. You can make the references application illustrations following:

  • Vehicle /Car/ Automotive Cooling fan Application

    Car / Automotive/ Vehicles heating and ventilation is always an important issue for all drivers, passengers, and even for vehicle itself. General vehicles are designed to have the ventilation system of a constant through-flow of fresh air that keeps the interior atmosphere comfortable even with all the window shut. Nevertheless, in the vehicle there still has the situation of lacking fresh air when outside environment is too hot or inside spaces are full of people and CO₂.According to the thermal and ventilation problem for vehicle, TITAN has a several of cooling fans can apply in car/automotive/vehicle application.

  • Cooling fan & Ventilation fan for Office equuipment

    TITAN DC fans are ideal choice for cooling a number of office equipment, server equipment, and life ventilation. There are various office equipment such as printers, copiers and fax machines, projector &presentation equipment, duplicating machines, and server equipment. TITAN has consistently supplied the best quality and techniques for client in office equipment cooling fan with professional R&D, design, and effective manufacturing.

  • Home Electronics Cooling fan Application

    TITAN fans offer a wide selection of home electronics cooling and ventilation solutions. Today’s home electronics contain a great number of thermal components or parts. With high manufacturing techniques and professional R&D ability, TITAN can provide any types of cooling fan application in your home electronics such as coffee beans machines, PA systems, Air purifier, dehumidifier, and so on. By working with TITAN, you can design and manufactures a reliable home electronics equipment to keep your home electronics functioning well for years.

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