Quotation Flow for RV fan series

Founded in 1989, TITAN is an outstanding leader in thermal field, with a passion and elite team of engineers. Located in Taiwan and established a branch office in Germany. TITAN has great amounts of distributors in versatile area of the global. Our products seen all over the world and earning glorious reputation and trust. We expanded amounts of producing lines to fit various demands as well as built the manufacturing factory in Guang Dong, China, which has 460 employees and monthly producing over 1.2 million units at least basis.

Quotation Flow for RV fan series

Customize your unique ventilation fans in your RV, Motorhome

With over 30 years’ experience of fan design and manufacture, we could custom the RV fan quantity sets, speed controller, RV fan volume, air flow, and noise level.

Customize your RV fan

Customize RV rack fan sets:According to different sizes of fridge and rooftop, we provide a customized service to perfectly fit to your RV fridge and anyplace where you want to cool on RV. The cooling unit can be combined with single rack fan, double rack fan, triple rack fan, and so on. 9cm, 12cm and 14cm fan is the commonly used size. The whole fan size range is combinable.
Customize a IP55 waterproof fan for your RV/Motorhome is necessary
IP55 waterproof fan is the advantage of TITAN manufacturing cooling fan. You could design a IP55 waterproof fan in your owned RV fridge fan. It would make your RV fan unique in the targeting market. According to the distribution experience, the water-resistant is a critical feature in RV market, they could be used in the outdoor environment. TITAN could provide you a high quality IP55 waterproof fan in the RV ventilation fan.
Customized RV fan speed controller function can provide differentiation from other brands.
TITAN could design the Microcontroller Unit which could control fan speed, temperature, humidity, odor levels, timer setting and any other function you want to do. Automatically or manually changing fan speed according to the detected temperature from heating place to achieve the power saving and silent operating. Detecting the humidity inside the RV automatically turns on the fan to accelerate the ventilation. And then adding timer setting would help your RV fridge fan and rooftop fan more humanity, comfortable just like being at home.
Customize RV fan controller type
You are able to be equipped with the controller to you RV fan. We could support you with separate speed controller or controller monitor embedded with the fan itself.
Customize fan specification
We could customize any RV fan specification such as voltage, volume, air flow, static pressure, and fan speed. You can check more fan details on our DC fan product page and let us discuss the specification. We will give you a better suggestion for the thermal solutions.

Quotation flow

Inquiry sent
Please check above RV fan custom items and tell us which you want to be equipped with (such as the quantity of fan, controller type, controller function). If you know the range of your fan speed, fan volume, etc., that would be great. If you are not familiar with the specification, you can describe the detail information as detail as possible. Our specialist would assist you.
Instant reply
We would first reply you within 24 hours in our working days. If there was not in the working days, it may need to wait for few days until the working days.
Detail discussion
Our sales would contact you according to your need and discuss the detail with you including MOQs. Please kindly noticed if your product needs to have any safety certifications in your target marketing such as CE certification, you need to tell us at the beginning.
Define your needs after discussing, we would offer you a quotation including MOQ, payment terms, etc.
Specification confirm
In this process, our sale and engineer will communicate and check product details such as specification with you. After mutual confirming, we will provide you a product quotation.
Sample production
After confirming all details especially specification and price, we will arrange sample production for you. Sample (1-2 pcs) is for free but excluding shipping fee. And a few of products may be charged sample fee. Please noticed that the sample fee would be deducted the amount from formal order after you place the order.
Sample delivery
Sample production is about 7 days. If there’s any particular manufacturing, we would inform our client.
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