Fan & Cooler Accessories

Mounting Rack Ventilation Cooling Fan

Mounting Rack Ventilation Cooling Fan

Top sale products! Popular DIY fan on updating ventilation in any places. Great for refrigerator vent fan in motorhome/caravan or ventilation fan in home theater cabinet, audio/viedo cabinet, home server cabinet.

Motorhome Roof Window fan

Motorhome Roof Window fan

Multi-Purpose roof window double fan is equipped with TITAN exclusive 9-blades silent fan and the function of reversible airflow to ventilate and cool various spaces such as motorhome, travel truck, houses, cabinets, and so on.


TITAN 's Fan & Cooler Accessories Manufacturing and Supply

TITAN Technology Limited is a cooling fan and computer cooler manufacturer from Taiwan, in versatile cooling fan and computer cooler products manufacturing and developing market. They have been offering customers innovative cooling products including computer cooler, cooling fan, mobile cooling, CPU cooler, DC fan, PC cooling kits, laptop cooling pads, power inverter since 1989.

With more than 27 years experience, TITAN focus on manufacturing and developing versatile cooling fan and computer cooler products to provide the best thermal cooling resolution.

Fan & Cooler Accessories

DC Fan, SATA, Cable, Thermal Grease and Many Other Thermal Applications.

TITAN provides cooling fan and cooler accessories to update and replace.
TITAN provides cooling fan and cooler accessories to update and replace.

Cooling fan and cooler itself is important, and so as its accessories. TITAN provides the essential fan and cooler parts to update and replace such as fan cable & adaptor, fan speed controller, fan mental & plastic filter, thermal grease and heat sink etc. Make your device more stable and well operation.

  • Thermal Grease - TITAN thermal grease, it can improve heat dissipation of CPU or VGA, providing greatly cooling performance.
    Thermal Grease
    Computer Thermal Grease / Paste / Gel to Accelerate Heat Transfer.

    These series is thermal conductive grease for CPU, VGA, and LED etc. Thermal gel forms a heat conductive layer to eliminate air gas or spaces form the interface area so as to create outstanding heat transfer and optimize system stability from heat damage.

  • Fan Cable & Adapter - TITAN cooling fan cable and cooling adapter.
    Fan Cable & Adapter
    Cooling fan cable and cooling adapter for replace and extension.

    Cables of DC cooling fan support 3 pin, 4 pin FDD connector, extension and one to many adapters. It improves large computer cases' compatibility by easily dividing the power.

  • Fan Speed Controller - TITAN cooling fan speed controller is able to regulate speed and reduce noise.
    Fan Speed Controller
    Cooling fan speed controller is to regulate fan speed and reduce operation noise.

    Fan speed controller can use in DC cooling fan and 5V USB cooling fan in order to reach power saving and effectively cooling performance with low noise.

  • Fan Filter/ Finger Guard Grills - Cooling fan metal filter can prevent dust and protect devices.
    Fan Filter/ Finger Guard Grills
    Cooling Fan Metal Filter, Finger Guard Grills for Dustproof.

    Dust is the most crucial enemy against the components' lifetime. With fan metal filter, it effectively blocks the dust away and extend the lifetime of your devices. There are various materials fan filter option such as cooling fan filter embedded with magnet, metal filer grills, plastic grills etc.

  • Heat Sink - Heat sink thermal patch with various sizes to provide a better cooling performance.
    Heat Sink
    Heat sink cooling fins with adhere- improve heat conductivity.

    Aluminum thermal patch with various sizes allows you to post it to any devices you want to cool down.

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